Exploring the future of food (A.K.A Cows fart too much kids, let’s eat bugs).

Raising livestock to eat makes more greenhouse gas than cars. Insects are nutritious, eco-friendly and already on the plate of 2 billion people, why not here in Australia too?

On Oct-7th we had 25 kids and their parents over for our Bugg Power dinner. On the menu was Chocolate crackle, Weeds & worms, Cricket fried rice and Ant trifle.

There was lots to try. Crunchy, nutty little insect morsels, foraged grasses to garnish your plate and specks of bee pollen. Not everything was as it seemed either, is that really a big shiny earth worm on my plate?

It was another kids-first eating experience; talk to the chefs and watch them plating food in the kitchen, do some art, eat with your hands if you want. Special guests were Di McGrath – Mars One astronaut candidate – who talked about the reasons to eat insects on this planet and beyond, and our illustrator Charli who was live-drawing nuggets for kids.

It was a food journey for kids and adults alike. At the end almost everyone agreed, the idea of eating bugs is more challenging than the reality. A successful evening and yet another reason not to eat nuggets.

Thank you again to My Son, Joy for hosting us at your beautiful venue.