What’s up with kids’ menus? They haven’t changed since the 1970’s. It’s all still nuggets and the usual beige, bland, boring choices.

One in four Aussie kids are now overweight or obese before starting school and they’re twice as likely to be so as their parents at the same age. (Australian Institute of Health & Welfare, Nov-2017)

We think our cafes and restaurants can do more to help get kids into good food. There are so many talented people in the industry, if they put in just a little time and energy we could make real improvements.

To get the ball rolling we’ve worked with one of Melbourne’s favourite cafes – Top Paddock – to pull the kids menu into this century.

There are 4 items across breakfast & lunch, it’s food that’s packed with ideas, fun and nutrition and there’s colouring-in while you wait. There’s ‘Not Coco-Pops’ a tweak to Kellogg’s brand and an indoor picnic plate complete with edible ants. Dishes are $8-11 and it’s available from Jan-21st for a month.

As Nathan from Top Paddock said “For me it’s simple. I want my children to eat healthy, nutritious food at home, so why would it be any different when I go out? We want parents to expect more from cafes and restaurants when it comes to children’s meals.”

If you run a cafe or restaurant it’s simple to get involved and we’ll promote what you do to help spread the word. Just email info@deathtonuggets.com.au for more information.

If you’re a parent, ask your local places to provide at least one interesting, healthy option.

If everyone does a little more — whether at home, or eating out or in Government — we can make improvements to kids’ diet and health that will last long into the future.

Thank you to our fabulous chef Laura for creating the Top Paddock menu and to Nathan, Sam, Ben, Diamond and all team there for their generous support.