We’re all about improving the relationship kids have with food. And we use creativity, imagination and participation to make that an attractive idea, not a chore. We’re based in Melbourne.

We started our monthly events because food for kids in restaurants hasn’t changed since the 70’s. Read more about that here.

We’ll soon be campaigning on food issues and giving parents helpful stuff to use at home. 1% of what we make goes back into causes that align with our goal. So as we grow, that donation will too. If you’d like details of new stuff as it happens, leave yours here.


Our events are a way of showing kids all that food can be. Each is unique, with a theme that runs through 4 courses created specifically for kids, and for kids and parents to eat together.

It’s about delicious food. Food with ideas, colour, texture and surprises. We want it to be a place where foodie kids can be in their element. And where cautious kids can try things in a positive environment. Our hope is that the evening provides momentum for parents and kids to carry on at home.

We’ve now run 3 events – pictures in the gallery below – and we’re planning how to have more impact and make Death to Nuggets better & bigger.

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Bugg Power!!

Exploring the future of food (A.K.A Cows fart too much kids, let’s eat bugs). Raising livestock to eat makes more…

Eating Nemo?!

Sept-9th 2017. What eating out for kids should be; fun, creative, hands-on and delicious. 4 courses of aquatic…

The Edible Garden

Aug-5th 2017. Veges and imagination in every course. Splat plates went splat at the table, rainbow pasta, magic soup…

On the TV box.

Talking about Death to Nuggets over a bowl of porridge.

In Time Out and Broadsheet

We were very chuffed to find ourselves rubbing shoulders with the best things to do in Melbourne.…

What the actual what? The facts about our food problem.

Here are facts. They come from scientists and statisticians whose very reason for being is objective, accurate…

A Netflix sandwich. How Death to Nuggets came to be.

In the beginning there was Netflix. At the end, oddly, also Netflix. Start at The Chef’s Table. This series opened my…

DTN Wallpapers!

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Questions & Answers

Are the events for kids or adults or both?

Both. The menus have been designed specifically for kids, and for kids to have with a parent or guardian.

What age group is it for?

Roughly 5-13 years old. Obviously that’s a big range and what’s appropriate will vary according to what your child is like.  We’ve focused on the things that connect kids, rather than separate them.

What is on the menu?

The menu is a secret. But you won’t be disappointed.

Do you expect kids to sit down for 2 hours?

No, there is a breakout area to keep kids, and parents, happy.

What drinks are included?

A drink for kids. A glass of wine or soft drink for adults. More is available, pay as you go.

Do you cater for dietary needs?

Yes, just let us know if you have any when you book.

Why are you doing this?

Simply because we think the health of our kids is worth it. And it’s bloody good fun as well.

What difference can one meal make?

Every change has to begin somewhere. We hope our events will kick-start something big.

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