We’re moving in the wrong direction with food, unlearning good habits and eating too much highly processed stuff. 1 in 4 Aussie kids are now overweight or obese and they’re twice as likely to be so as their parents were at the same age. More here.

Death to Nuggets aims to make good food interesting to kids, not a lecture. We love creativity and imagination. We think about the experience of eating, so it’s not a boring adult thing.

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Menus and experiences made for kids, and for kids and parents to enjoy together. Each is themed through 4 courses; The Edible Garden (vegetables), Eating Nemo?! (seafood) and Bugg Power (insects as an alternative to meat)…..so far.

Dishes include Jackson Pollock splat plates of vegetable purees, rainbow spaghetti and ant trifle. It’s food with imagination that’s fresh, nutritious, seasonal and with as much lovely veg as possible.

Kids watch chefs in the kitchen, there’s art & craft and special guests. Stay up-to-date with new events by joining our mailing list.

Event Q & A

Are the events for kids or adults or both?

Both. The menus have been designed specifically for kids, and for kids to have with a parent or guardian.

What age group is it for?

Roughly 5-13 years old. Obviously that’s a big range and what’s appropriate will vary according to what your child is like.  We’ve focused on the things that connect kids, rather than separate them.

What is on the menu?

The menu is a secret. But you won’t be disappointed.

Do you expect kids to sit down for 2 hours?

No, there is a breakout area to keep kids, and parents, happy.

What drinks are included?

A drink for kids. A glass of wine or soft drink for adults. More is available, pay as you go.

Do you cater for dietary needs?

Yes, just let us know if you have any when you book.

Why are you doing this?

Simply because we think the health of our kids is worth it. And it’s bloody good fun as well.

What difference can one meal make?

Every change has to begin somewhere. We hope our events will kick-start something big.

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